Sunday, January 8, 2017

New and Old Christmas Traditions

So, I wrote this post last week...but in all the excitement of the holidays, I actually forgot to put it on my blog, oops!  But, I am doing that now.

Being home is just that, “Home!”  The place of home is of super significance and valued in my life at this time. I am home visiting my family and friends from childhood.  As I sit here and watch PeePaw unwrap the very unique Christmas ornaments, that once belonged to Granny, I can see his face and the love he still holds for her in his heart.  He takes turns handing out the ornaments to Danika and me so we can decorate the tree, I realize Danika hasn’t heard their love story yet.  He brings out the ornaments that were handmade by Granny explaining to Danika that back when he was young, they made their own ornaments.

Mom is in the kitchen with Dad’s help making hot cocoa and homemade cookies, in the background, you can hear the Christmas music on the old radio, still PeePaw’s favorite!

There is a knock on the door, so I run to see who it is.  We weren’t expecting anyone today!  I open the door to reveal the faces of my old friends from elementary school!  Wow, what an amazing day! Two people from ages ago just come over to say hello and Merry Christmas!  I did not think I would see them ever again!  I used to play with them from time to time so long ago, now they have moved back to our hometown, what a nice surprise!

As we all set around the dinner table on Christmas day, Danika looks at me and says, “You have a great family. Lily, you really do!”

“I do, Danika!" I smile. “I love my family so much!”

I am so glad you came home with me for Christmas, Danika!

I wonder what I will be doing with my own family in 50 years?  Don’t you?


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