Sunday, January 22, 2017

Back to Class

“Are you sure you are alright to drive, Lily?” Mom said.

“Yes, Mom, I will be fine!” Lily said.

“Danika, you will help drive?” Mom said.

“Yes, Ma'am! I will!” said Danika.

“Get in the car Danika, hurry up!” I mumbled so Mom couldn’t hear me!

I love my Mom, but it is time for us to get back to school!!

I think I lost two whole days with that earache!

My mind keeps churning over the dream or delusion or whatever it was. It was vivid!

“103-degree fever will do that to you!” the doctor told my family.

I thought I was starting to get another earache, but I must have scared my family and Danika pretty bad. They had taken me to the doctor’s office during Christmas, and I don’t even remember that part.

Danika had asked me just as many times if I am ok as my Mom and Dad had asked me the same question.

We finally get to the gas station and filled up, so with road trip snacks in hand, and we are on our way back to school.

Four more hours to our little apartment and back to the books.

Oh Yeah! I almost forgot.. next week will finally be my launch of my very first e-book!! Don’t forget to look for it!

I have been so busy this Christmas, I almost forgot to post what I have poured my heart and soul into over the past several months, and it is coming out next week!!

So here is to another year down and great success to my e-book.

I will continue to work on and decipher what it is I saw in my dream... reality... or whatever that was I experienced for two days!

It’s just too much to write all at once. Some things are spotty. Danika has already offered to help. Thank God she took notes to what I was saying, lol! She says there is much more to what I said...I am not sure if that is good or bad...Time will tell!


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