I'm just a writer with her own fairy tales

I am a "Blooming" writer. I am Lily Schreiber. I am 19. I am a writer, by virtue of the fact that I am writing. My favorite thing about any piece of work is the end. That is, when you finally get to see the point of all that hard work, backtracking, and restarting from scratch. Why “Fairy Tales of an Author”? Because of you, dear reader. Because I want you to be able to relate as I journey toward being a new writing sensation. It’s like building a dream, or making a fairytale become real. The difference here is that mine are real. I am a writer. The public just hasn’t discovered that yet. And practice makes perfect. Hence, this blog. So stick with me every week. Get to know the soul behind the wonder that will be. Hopefully, you will find my thoughts and tales as interesting as the novels you will see with my name. And when my name outshines the likes of Stephenie Meyer and John Green, you’ll remember how true a thing it is that my end is better than my beginning.

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