Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Funeral

As you may have gathered from my last post, my mother has passed away.

I sat between my father and grandpa in the Church pew, just as I had when I was a little girl, sitting in this very church.
Sobbing uncontrollably.

I have not slept.
I cannot eat.

I have said my last goodbye.
I cannot be consoled.

I see all the people and nod my head as they speak condolences to me and my family.

Her voice continually plays in my mind… ”My love for you continues, forever!”

I have lost one of the greatest loves in my life!

How do I even begin to live without her?


Saturday, February 17, 2018

No Meaning Left

I have returned back to school.
I left my father with much to do.

My mother’s clothes are still hanging in the closet.
The smell of her perfume still lingers in the house.

I understand the meaning of walking around in a daze now.

I called to let my father know I had arrived safely back at my apartment.

It was the first time I had called home and realized she wasn’t there anymore.

I fell asleep exhausted on the couch.

I awoke with a soaked pillow full of sorrow.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Going Home

It is time for me to go home.
My father has called to say my mother is not well.
Sorry, dear Readers, I must go for now.