Thursday, June 23, 2016

Refraction Research (Part 1)

I was finally able to convince Danika to read what I have written so far for my story about James.  She seemed to be rather surprised by my writings.  She said they were good except for two things, I don't know anything about sports and how I feel about jocks is inaccurate, according to her.  So now we are going to see a game with some of her friends so I can change some of the things I wrote and where I would be able to  insert about the camaraderie among the guys.  

Danika and I head over to a friend’s game.  It is almost over as Danika waves to the group of guys she calls her friends, they wave back.  She says she comes out to see them as much as possible.  She met them a few years ago when she was in her freshman year and she thought the same things as I did, just a bunch of jocks until she got to know them. 

They come off the field and introduce themselves to me, they won the game and are ecstatic to say the least.  Before I could say a word Danika asked if they were going to get lunch now and the tall guy answers her, “Yeah, of course. I am starving!”  

I guess we are going to lunch with the guys now?  Danika looks at me and says: “Isn’t this great?  Now you can do some of the research on your book and interview each one of them for some background on how and why they love the game.

Great Danika!  I think to myself, thanks so much!  I always wanted to interview a bunch of sweaty jocks!  As we are talking I am guessing they are going to the locker rooms to shower and change while Danika and I stand there and wait for them.  

She tells me: “I think you are going to be surprised about what you originally thought and how it will change your opinion after interviewing them.  Some of them are really amazing!”

Now I  am wondering if I did the right thing in actually showing her my work?! I am nervous and feel very awkward.  What in the world am I going to ask these guys?

As we head over to get lunch my mind is in overdrive, the questions just keep coming.  Who will I interview first?  Should I ask them about the game?  When did they start to play?  What do you think of people saying you are just dumb jocks?  No, scratch that.  Some of these guys are pretty BIG!  

Oh Danika, I don't know if I should hug you or never to speak to you again!  Only time will tell.  Wish me luck, I think I am going to need it!


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