Friday, June 3, 2016

Alone with an Introvert (Exclamation of my own Character)

Well, I made the big step and moved into an apartment with Danika while classes were finishing up last week. Danika was heading out of town for a missionary trip as we finished up our last class; thus, the friendly apartment manager had let us move in a few days earlier so we could get all of Danika’s stuff set before she left for her trip. It has been busy, and I have finally had time to relax a little bit and thought I should write some.

How nice it is to have the apartment, slightly more comfortable than a dorm room, especially all to myself, at least for this week. Danika has a few trips planned for this summer, so I will get to have the place to myself a few times, and I hope I can write during those times. Danika will be back this weekend, so I wanted to stay in and write while I still had the chance, but I have decided to get something to eat. I love Indian food, but the apt manager also said there was a good little restaurant only a few blocks from here, I might just do something out of the ordinary and get some food because I am starving.

I just finished unpacking a few more of my things; I didn't have that much to pack in the first place, just a few things (i.e. some clothes and a couple of boxes).  Danika though, she had stuff to move since she has collected a few more boxes than myself, of course, she has been here for a year longer than me.  She also had some newer pieces of furniture which I am quite comfortable writing in, especially her big oversized chair.  I may have to confiscate that when she returns, it is perfect to hang your legs over the edge of the chair and write on the laptop, but as my hunger pains increase, I guess I better get down to the restaurant and get some food to eat.  I haven't picked up more than a few things for the apartment, but I don't feel like cooking right now.  If I am going to be an author I must have the time to write, but I also must eat!

I have had some time just to relax, though and reflect on how different I am from Danika. Danika is a real extrovert and can just relax in front of people and is sociable among others; they just seem to be attracted to her outgoing personality.  Although I wouldn't usually consider myself an introvert, I am reconsidering that opinion of myself to be incorrect.  I am not like Danika as she says hello to every person she walks past, and I am always having writing on my mind, so I am not paying attention to others.  I also seem to notice I am shyer than her; she always appears to know just what to say.  I wonder how it would be to walk in Danika's shoes, just a day, taking on new projects and traveling like she is this summer.

I could certainly use her stories in my stories; maybe this is where I can add the other side of me into the storyline.  How would she feel or how would I handle living in an apartment for the summer and starting my second year of college? What about having a job or interning as an editor at the library?  Taking a few bold steps into a future, I hadn't seen until now?  The possibilities are endless, aren’t they?  Where shall I go next?  Maybe it is just time to get some dinner?  I am starving now!  I love the aromas of the Indian food and wish I was back at home with the restaurant Mom and Dad always took me to while growing up.  What would I eat if I hadn't loved Indian food?  I wonder where James would like to eat?  I am sure he would have his plans and be ready to go out with his friends, or maybe he wouldn't plan at all and just wait for the phone call to go out because James' friends always call him first?  Hmm?  Where oh where shall I go?

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