Friday, May 27, 2016

A Slice of Life

I had seen Danika a couple of times since the disaster with the apple pie.  We would say a quick hello or just a few simple words as we passed each other in the hall, coming and going in our busy schedules at school and while trying to catch up on my blog posts.

I liked her immediately that night she had “invited” me over.  She had asked that evening if we could meet for coffee at some point when things settled down, and we could sit and talk for awhile, so I told her sure.  

Doesn’t everybody say “sure” knowing lives at school keep us busy thus thinking to ourselves that wouldn’t happen, but not with Danika.  

She caught me yesterday in the hallway and said 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. I almost choked on my answer, sure I said, again.


I am getting ready to meet with Danika this morning and I step infront of the mirror. There stood my perfect reflection looking back at me. I am trying to recreate that day over and over again, when I swore I saw James, standing just so, leaning over the fountain.  Just one more glimpse was all I needed to be certain it was him!  I failed at every attempt.  

A knock on the door, it must be Danika.  Punctual, I like that!  I open the door, and she has such an energy about her even at 10:00  in the morning, ugh!  I am not awake yet.  I do need coffee!  She asks if I am ready, yes just grabbing my sandals as we head out the door.

As we are walking over to Dunkin Donuts, it is a beautiful day and quite a long walk, so we decide we are going to have ice coffees.  She begins to ask me several questions.  What am I doing this summer?  Am I going anywhere?  Will I be working?  The semester is over, and I am still thinking about all the writing I want to get out of my head and on to paper.

And then my mind froze.  Did Danika just ask me to be roommates with her?  She keeps on talking about how she was invited to go on two different mission trips this summer, and she would be gone for awhile, and that would allow me to have the place to myself and write.

I can’t believe this, but I am going to say yes!  This is going to be an interesting summer.  I look over into the store window and see our reflection or Refraction.  Hers, mine and possibly a third?  James!


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