Friday, May 20, 2016

Black, White or Gray & 26 Letters

As the semester winds down, I have spent many hours reading essays and papers of others from the tutoring center.  (Have I mentioned, I love helping others edit their work?  It makes me feel like I’m making a small difference in someone else’s life - you know, making an impact.)   

There was one all about the necessity of dream realms, or illusory realms in fiction.  It fascinated me.  While the paper focused on how using a dream to allow a character to figure out a moral dilemma was in essence a cop-out, I’m not so sure it is a bad literary concept.  It might even be one that needs to see a real revival in this present time.   

My first thoughts float to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and how love can be fleeting, the complete opposite of the words of love which oftentimes claim to be undying and everlasting…

How often are people picking up books and just getting upset because in fiction, the problems seem to solved to quickly?  There are complaints about the real world being messy, not black and white; that simple solutions just do not exist. 

I am not so very sure that is the case.  The answers to most scientific equations tend to boil down to standard equations that many memorize as a child.  I mean even the English language is comprised of only 26 letters, yet we continue to write about new ideas and create new characters.  

It seems that reality is not as complicated as we make it.  What if our minds throw in too many what ifs, to the possibilities of the future, and that is where the world gets grey and messy?

Would you agree with me, dear reader?


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