Friday, June 17, 2016


Being in your space is somewhat of a luxury.  I suppose?

Living among others is entirely different.  Sleeping and waking patterns are different and not chronologically synced, morning rituals are to each being his or her own, and so on.  

I’m wondering if all new roommates go through this transition, they must?

Living at home is comfortable, no awkwardness there.

Trying to make coffee quietly is a new concept or rather, I haven’t had to do this in a rather long time.

Danika and I haven’t been able to see each other since we moved into our “new” apartment.  She just got back in and is sleeping late, which I imagine is unusual for her.  This does give me a good time to write a little more about James and my short story.  It is quiet, and with the early morning sunrise visible through our window, I feel the inspiration flowing.

I would like to think I could allow Danika to read the material I have written so far; she is a rather good editor after all.  But I am also quite nervous.  I don't ever let anyone read my stories or writings because they are so personal to me, but I feel she would be honest and tell me what she thinks.

I like that we are opposites.  Danika is so spontaneous, and sometimes I wonder what would I be like if I could do that, just be carefree and not have a ton of lists to make sure I haven’t missed a detail.  Winging it is not something I would usually even think about doing, but watching her, and how she seems to allow nothing to bother her, I do kind of wish I had that within me.  I don’t know; maybe I do and just haven’t unlocked it yet?  Taking a step and not having things planned would be like a vacation for me, I think that would make life easier, except if I did I would be so anxious.  Danika just came back from a mission trip, with her Church in upper North Carolina, to help a mission team who lives up there, and many of the people she took the trip with she didn’t even know.  I don't think I am quite that brave.  Maybe while living with Danika, I can learn how she can do these things.

She seems to be so casual about her decisions, and even now, she has been in school for a couple of years and is still unsure of her major.  I don't know what that is like, I always knew I wanted to be an author since I was a young girl.  Danika jokes about when she finally grows up maybe then she will know what career option she will choose.  She is, as I said: an incredible editor, but she seems to be good at almost anything she does.  Oh, of course!  Apple pies!  She is still trying to master that, haha!  

Okay, off of Danika, and back to the apartment.  I have unpacked the last of my belongings and taken many walks around our neighborhood just enjoying the quiet.  I like it here, and it seems to be helping me with building up my character and the storyline.  I hope to have Refraction done by the end of the summer.  However, I do want it to be perfect before I put it on my blog and have people amazed by the story.  

I have set some attainable goals this summer and am ready to try new things by stepping out of myself and learning some new stuff.  Being around Danika has shown me I have been all by myself this whole year, but I like my time alone, and I have enjoyed being by myself these past few weeks, but as I have walked every morning and said hello to the neighbors I almost feel like Danika is who James needs to be.  My Refraction.

I am such a lucky girl, a soon to be author, new friends and my story bursting through my mind ready to be written.

Well, let’s see what today brings?


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