Friday, July 1, 2016

Refraction Research (Part 2)

I was able to have lunch with friends of Danika’s after the game last week.  It didn't take long for Danika to get down to business, as we were still waiting to be seated when she dived into the conversation about how I was writing a book about some sports players and needed help.  She asked if it was alright if I asked them some questions, and they didn’t mind for me to interview a few of them while we ate lunch.  I just wanted to ask them a couple of things about them and the game they were playing.  A few of the guys said: “Yeah, sure they wouldn’t mind an interview.”  “Of course, lol.”

The hostess came over and seated us at a couple of tables, which all set right next to each other, but the guys just pushed the tables closer anyway, so we could all sit together at one long table.  The waitress comes right over and hand us our menus and asked what we would like to drink.  I went to sit down, and the two guys, who said they wouldn’t mind me interviewing them, sat on either side of me.  So I grabbed my pen and paper from out of my purse and began to ask them some questions.

I wanted to know what made this ‘game’ their choice of sport? (Can’t give away what sport the book is about yet.)

Subject A:  “I’ve been playing since I was nine years old.  My dad and I watched every game together, and when the little league tryouts came around the first year I could join, dad and I made it our sole goal for me to play baseball.  I worked hard to make it in on that first team, but once I made it, I fell in love with playing the game.”

Subject B: “I didn’t play sports when I was younger. I did like to run, though, which I guess means I was bound to have someone during my freshman year here ask me to try out.  Yeah, Mike over there thought I would be good at it since we ran every morning together.  He thought I might like it since part of the training was running.  I like to workout, and the running gave me some conditioning and endurance.  I mean, I liked other sports and watched a lot of sports on TV, but it wasn’t until my freshman year here that I decided to try out, but I made the team so...  I was surprised, especially since I had never played before. Yeah, but Mike taught me a lot about what I was doing wrong, and we practiced hard all year.  I’m not going to lie; that first year wasn’t great, but I learned a lot with the coaches and the guys helping me out.”

Subject A:  “We spend a good amount of time together, on and off the field.  We’d help each other out whenever possible; we’re like an extended family.  When something isn’t going right in the game, or we have problems with school, or our girlfriends, or home, we rely on each other." 

(At this point, Subject A turned way from me, to address the rest of his team.) "Like the time, David’s Dad was wicked sick. You guys remember that? A bunch of us guys got together and helped to cut their lawn and clean their garage to sell some things at a garage sale for the family to be able to pay some bills. Remember that?" (The team nodded as they all looked off in space as if to keep in mind that time for themselves.)

(Subject A, turned back to address me.) "There wasn’t a lot we could do, but we pulled together, after all, we had to do something.  We couldn’t let David and his dad go through that alone.  If one of us is off on our game, we try and help them out.  I know they got my back just like I got theirs.”

Subject B:  “We love the game!  For some of us, it’s why we even have a chance to go to college.  There are scholarships for us, so that helps with tuition, books, and fees.  Some of us have jobs, and others have a family, they need to care for.  I want to play the game so someday maybe I will be able to be a coach...  Hey! You know Lily, actually, next week I will be doing some tutoring. Yeah, I help out at this rec center.  Would you like to go?  You could see some of what I do off the field and stuff. It's a chance to do some more research." 

The interviewing stopped here, as the other players started joking about how sly that last guy was in trying to ask me out on a date. That made me a little uncomfortable; I have never been on a date. I guess the guys picked up on this because they all stopped laughing, and began apologizing, saying they were just picking on the other guy. Later on, Danika said she would go with me to the rec center so I wouldn't feel uncomfortable. So, I don’t know; we’ll see if I go or not.

As I sat there amazed the time had gone by so fast, I realized that by asking them a few simple questions (at Danika's suggestion for me to do some research) that she was spot on, and absolutely correct: my opinion of these guys was a skewed one.  I watched them laugh together.  They were being loud, joking around, and having a real time, some friends just having lunch together, enjoying the fact they had won their game!

As we finished up and said our goodbyes, I thanked the two guys who allowed me to interview them. They told me I could ask them questions, anytime.  They couldn't wait to read my “book.”

I am going to have to do some more research.  I will have to make a list of what I think my readers would like to know about the players and the game.

I am glad I had my notebook and pen in my purse; something writers should always have with them in case they have an idea for a story.  I always try and be prepared and have a notebook and pen with me, especially lately, because I keep coming up with ideas or questions and at least I can write it down and go back to it later.  I don’t want to forget something that might be important later.

I am glad I have the summer to be able to write; it looks like I am going to need it!


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