Saturday, July 30, 2016

Reflections of a Summer

I can’t help but look back through some memories, my mind was not on my agenda over summer break.  Realizing this, I think I have accomplished much more than I had originally thought or planned, and it’s a good thing too!

Can you remember back to how I met Danika?  It was in our accidental meeting in the dorm hallway, as she tried to repeat an old recipe from her grandmother that we became friends.  I will never forget her look of disappointment over a pie.

Danika has an outgoing type of personality.  Someone who is always fun to be around.  Becoming friends at the beginning of summer started all this for me.  She has led me to do things I would never have ventured out to do, ever.

We have shared coffee, conversations in the late hours.  I even shared my writings;  I left myself open to be vulnerable and allowed for criticism.  All I have received from her has been encouragement and nudges forward in the right direction.  

I appreciate the friendship, I have enjoyed her honesty and frankness.  She doesn't hold back either, if she thinks I may have worded something incorrectly, she tells me.

She has been the greatest of help to me this summer, not only help for me as an individual but as a writer;  she has peeled back layers for me to show I need to look deeper.  

Danika was the one who pushed me forward to interview the guys.  She showed me I needed to do more research and then helped me get the interviews and even helped me do some of the research work.

Danika allowed me to be in her life.  We have continued to hang out with each other, even with a million other things we both needed to do.

I had not envisioned this summer turning out as it did and that my readers is truly a great thing!



The chapters are being written….slowly but surely!  I am getting excited, as I can see it coming together nicely!!

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