Saturday, August 6, 2016

Authors and Ice Cream

So I decided to go to the bookstore at the school and pick up a few things I need this week and who do I run into but the girl I met from the 4th of July BBQ.

She sees me at the same time and we both smile: a familiar face. I enjoyed talking to her. As I recall, we had a lot in common. I head over to her as she is shopping as well. I remember both of us liked to write and loved to watch people.

 Kelli asked me how my book writing was coming along. She grabbed a few things and we both headed over to the register to check out. She had a great idea for us to go out and get some ice cream, since both of our schedules were clear for the day, anyways. We had a few hours to just hang out.

Kelli and I both love ice cream and it was so hot outside. What a great idea. So as we settle in with our cold, sweet treats we begin to catch up on what has happened in the past month.

She looked intrigued as I told her how Danika had helped me so much, especially with all the interviews and ideas she had given to me. I told her it was amazing and terrifying simultaneously. The both of us being introverts and all, I didn’t need to explain any further.

 She asked me if I would help her with some of her writing and of course I said yes (I wouldn’t have agreed to do that a year ago. Thanks, Danika!). We talked about our goals for this semester. She wants to start a blog and possibly write a book, as well. “How exciting”, just like me!

 She knows she wants to be an author too and said since she met me at the party she has begun to write again but this time not for school.

We had just a great time as we ate our ice cream and people watched. I told her about my blog and how my book would be launching soon. We exchanged cell numbers. I told Kelli any help she needed with her blog or editing I would be more than happy to help her out with.

We said our goodbyes and went off in opposite directions as my mind wandered off to the future, seeing Kelli and I as famous authors meeting for a fancy lunch, you know the ones you see in a movie. Hey, maybe my future books could become a movie or two?

A girl can dream… 



  1. Dreams are good! Awesome that you've got someone in the real world to chat with about writing and blogging. There's always so much to learn and fresh perspectives are fun! Good luck with it all!! :)

    1. Thanks Jemi. I had a really good time being able to talk with someone about books and them understand.


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