Saturday, August 20, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Well I got a nice surprise in the mail from my Mom and Dad. I was able to go home and visit them for a whole week before school starts.I have missed them so much while being away at school. It felt good to sleep in my own bed again and Mom’s home cooked meals are the best! I was able to sleep in and remember all the good times I had while living in this house.

It’s kind of awkward when you go back home after being away so long (or maybe dad is just being Dad and trying to make it awkward). Dad asked me to take out the trash my first evening home, I almost laughed. As he put it, “You will never be too old to do house chores.” Thanks, Dad! I think he might have been saving that trash just so I could take it out. Classic Dad.

My parents took me out to my favorite restaurant while I was home. Have I mentioned I love Indian food? The best! Oops, scratch that...second best (love you, Mom)!

I was finally able to show my parents my blog and tell them about my book. I am not sure who looked more proud: Mom or Dad?

Surprises are good but going home was exactly what I needed to start the school year off on a good note. I remember teachers asking, “What did you do over summer break?” This will be an easy A for me. How about you? How was your summer? This summer for me has been one of the very best. It’s going to be a busy week and I will do my very best to keep up with everything that I had planned for this summer and this semester. Wish me luck!



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