Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lily…In A Wonder Land

Just a note. I did not write this. I made this post from notes that Danika took because honestly, I do not remember any of it.


“Lily, where are you?”

“I can’t see you?”

“I am here.”

“My head is throbbing.”

“What happened?”

“I don’t know what is going on?”

“I just laid my head down for a minute.”

“I wasn’t feeling well, I think I see things?”

“It’s not clear yet, everything is fuzzy…”


I am here…..silence

She said I am here, but it wasn’t audible. She thought she had spoken, but she had not. She could hear “What do we do about Lily?”

Then it went black. Then it went silent!

“Who is that?” “Rog...Don’t you remember me?”

“Me? No, I am sorry, I don’t know who you are?” “ How do I know you?”

“We went to school together. don’t remember me?”

“Rog...what kind of name is that?”

“A family name, of course...!”

“Oooh, what was that?” “What was that?”

“Lily, are you ok?”

“ I hear water rushing..why can’t I see anything?”

“ I am so hot! Where are we?”

“Maybe we should call the doctor?”

“The doctor? What for?”

“Do you not remember our first kiss, Lily???”

“What?” “What kiss?” “ I have never kissed anyone in my life! Anyone ever, except for my family!”

“Go back and remember!” "Just go back, you will see….!”

“Danika, Danika?”

“Yes, Lily?”

“I just had the craziest dream!”

“Lily, you have had a fever for several days with your inner earache!”

“You weren’t dreaming, you were delusional!”

“But I saw Rog, I remember now….!”

“Lily lay back need to get your rest.” “We have to get back to school, we are driving home tomorrow. Well, I will be driving home tomorrow!”

“But it was Rog!...Almost like I went through time just like when I met James, again…”

“Lily, who is James…..?” “Lily, Lily?”



(Danika took the notes)

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