Sunday, December 18, 2016

Heading Home for Christmas

So as I am about to embark on my road trip home with Danika in tow. We had packed our bags earlier this week, so as we finished up this semester (with a bang) and as soon as our last class was finished, we jumped in our car and headed to the gas station to fill up and grab road trip snacks….!

I have been on road trips with Mom and Dad, and this is, not that! The last time I had to drive this road I drove alone and I was worried when Dad called me to be there for Mom’s tests. But this road trip is going to be fun!! I am excited to go home, especially after my last visit. Danika was going to stay at the apartment for the holidays, and I couldn't have any of that! I just couldn’t leave her behind!

“You must come and meet my family!”, I told her.

It is a four-hour drive home from the school to Lynchburg, N.C. I can’t wait to see Mom, Dad, and Grandpa! Mom tells me some of my friends from when I was younger (and growing up) are in town for Christmas, so I get to see them too!! I only had a couple of friends, but I would love to see them again, it has been years since we saw each other.

Danika and I don’t listen to the same music, so we have agreed to share the radio and take turns, lol! We laugh like little girls, much younger in a time and place as if it seems like a memory, at least that is how I see it in my mind…

Two girls traveling in a car, going through all the small towns and a few bigger cities, singing "Christmas Carols" and eating chips. I swear I could get used to this, enjoying life, making memories, sharing stories about my hometown with such a great friend, whom I barely knew last year, at this time. I'm so thankful for my family, so thankful for my friend! I can’t wait to get home! And we are almost there!!

Life is really, really good right now! I am back up on my blog! Another semester down!

What more could a girl possibly want? Ice Cream! I want ice cream….I think it is Danika’s turn to drive, don’t you?

See you in a few weeks!!



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