Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Believe Me

So as I sit with my morning cup of coffee, I have been able to put my mindset focus back to my writing.

My long list of things to do are done. I stayed here for Thanksgiving, since I had just been home with my parents.

Danika had invited a bunch of friends over for the big turkey day.  Thanksgiving dinner meant something special to me this year.  I was thankful for family but especially, my Mom.

I went last week to Danikas’ Bible Study group and I was surprised to find myself liking the people I was surrounded by.  Ever since meeting Danika I have kind of learned that being an extrovert is a new way of life, I could get use to it.  Although introverted is how I have lived most of my life, extroverts are not as I had envisioned it isn’t arrogance as I had once believed.  It is a different perspective of your personality and how you release your thoughts externally or internal.

I always am thinking about writing, I have been for a long time.  So I have stories in my head not yet penned to paper.  Is that even a word, penned?  Yes, it is I checked.  Lol.

So as we go to Bible Study, of course I can’t stop thinking about the small amount of work still needing to be accomplished and my blog, well, much need for me to sit and write for days, if not weeks.

It’s a small group of people gathered with some tables set out and coffee and water out for others to help themselves. He is a young guy who leads us into prayer and we sit at the tables and have some introductions on who has come for their first time and how do the new people hear of the group.  This was easy for me, my name is Lily and Danika told me about this group.  Next.  We all gather around together and bow our heads to pray.  At this point in time, I feel childlike.  I am instantly reverted back in time as a young girl with my hand in Grandpa's at Church and when I we had to bow and pray I would sneak a look to see if Grandpa’s eyes were closed and then close my eyes, quickly. A refraction in time perhaps?  To a place where I felt safe by just being there.  So as I try to open one eye and look around, another girl has her head up and she sees me.  I start to shut my eyes quickly but I am caught.

She smiles at me, slowly bows her head and shuts her eyes.  Huh, thats how its done.

It’s almost like therapy group that you would see in a movie.  They ask for any prayer requests or if anyone wants to say anything?  Danika looks at me.  There are a few new people, including me.  They just asked me my name and how I heard about the Bible study.  That was easy enough.  Do I really need to say anything more?  So I say well my Mom is the reason I wanted to come.  I explained how I went home after some bad test results after her already battling cancer when I was very young.  I explained her test results came out well.  They began to say Praise God! Thank you, Lord!  I thought, yes, God, thank you!  It was strange.

I would have never said something aloud let alone with an entire group of individuals I had never met before.

As each person shared a good week or a bad moment in their week, we then shared scripture.  It happened to be about submission.  Submission to God.

I think I will be getting help from Danika on this subject as I think to myself.  It rang true, in it all I did submit, everything that happened those last few weeks, I had no control over.

The people I met were kind and funny.  Some struggled with school, some had a great week.  But I felt they genuinely cared about me, complete strangers!

Believe me?


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