Sunday, September 25, 2016

Final Draft

So, I finally got my final draft back, all corrected, from Mrs. Jacoby! I was able to see Tyrone one more time to get the graphics done, just right!

Writing a book is a lot of work and my ebook is much shorter than any novel I have ever read. I feel like this was a good test for me, although I don’t think I did so well with all the emotions that go along with such a hefty goal.

I was a little harsh last week with the students during tutoring last week in the library. I was becoming frustrated and I don’t usually get upset. I am sure I will have to keep my feelings more in check when taking on such a project as this.

I got to show Danika my book last night and I think she was more thrilled than even I am. I still have to add here, that if it wasn't for Danika, my book might not have ever been written.

Well, we will just have to see what the critics have to say. I mean it is my very first book. It is well written, if you ask me. I can’t wait! The launch is next month.

Wish me luck!!!


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