Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Apologies

Wow, can I say how sorry I am dear readers?  Everything was going well!  I was ready to launch my very first ebook and be on my way to becoming a real writer... when I got the call.  It was my Dad telling me that one of my Mom’s tests from her doctor had returned with a not so good result and he needed me to come home.

You see my Mom had cancer, there I have said “IT.”  It was long ago, but we thought we were past all of this.  So when I got Dad’s call, I got to packing and getting my school work delayed for a few weeks while I went home for medical leave. I packed my bags and went back to the place of my childhood.  My mom was not happy that Dad had called me and that I had come home, but she did understand why he had.  Dad looked worried; he loves my Mom so much.  I hugged her like I never have before and we both sat and cried.

She had another test that Monday to go to and Dad and I went with her despite her complaints.  The doctor had many more tests to run and wouldn't know anything for a few weeks.  A few weeks?  How could you make anyone wait for a few weeks?  I told them I wasn’t leaving until we found out the results.  I wanted to be there for the both of them.  My Dad and Mom have been there for me always; now I was the adult, and they needed me to be there for them.   I had a difficult time being the adult, what I wanted to do was just curl up in a big ball on the couch and cry till I couldn’t cry anymore.  How could this be happening again?  The things your mind tells you during and under stress is unlimited.

I watched my father pace for days, then weeks.  I am making this post short, so after two horrifying weeks of worrying, crying and watching my Dad and Mom go through all of this, heartbreaking, the tests were done, and the doctor said they could not find anything wrong.  YEAH!
She has been told to come back in January for a check-up and to review and redo any tests, if necessary.

So again, I apologize to all my readers, I just couldn’t write.  I tried to write several times and then I would just begin to cry.  I tried to get as much of my school work done, as much as possible.  Moms, even if they may be sick, still believe homework is law, at least that is how it is in my house.
Danika helped me while I was gone and kept everything going including taking over my hours at the library for the ones who needed tutoring, that way they were still able to get the help they needed.  Thanks again, Danika!

I have a lot to catch up on and wanted to thank my readers for being so understanding.  I know you were wondering what happened.  I just, for once, didn’t know what to write.

To my Mom and Dad, I love the both of you so much!!

As Always,

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