Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ugh...The Disappointment of the Day

I go into Creative Writing class, and I am in a Great Mood! I got the chance to work with Tyrone on graphics yesterday for my eBook, and my spirit has carried over into today! It was exciting to look at different ways we might go about choosing the graphics for my first eBook.

Mrs. Jacoby said she needed to speak with me after class, so I figured she must be done with editing. This is great! It’s all falling into place. Maybe editing a book wasn’t as bad as I expected it could be.

The bell rings and I can hardly wait to get to speak with Mrs. Jacoby, of course, today, other students have questions? No one ever has questions for Mrs. Jacoby? Finally, my turn! I can already see my eBook sitting on her desk… Red Marks are everywhere! How is this possible? I edit for a living! As I flip through the first few pages, I understand I have more work to do and possibly another rewrite for my future! She can tell from my expression this wasn’t what I expected; I am not sure what my face is saying, but I swallowed my heart and my pride! Mrs. Jacoby is trying to comfort me with words. I can only hear part of what she is saying “It’s fine. Only a few changes”….she says. “Thanks, Mrs. Jacoby, I do appreciate all your help!” is all I can manage to say before heading to my next class. I slip my eBook back into my bag.

Now I feel like the athlete guys when they lose a game. I was sure it was well written. Just like, I am sure, they were sure they had practiced enough. I will have to go over it tonight.

This will take longer than I thought.



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