Friday, April 1, 2016

Trigger Fairy?

I should give adults more credit. My neighbor's father had positive, constructive, useful feedback on my story. I applaud the man for being mature enough to put any personal opinions about me aside for the review. Of course, it is possible that his son has not said anything to him about me. It is also possible that the weird, stony looks he gives me are a declaration of his undying love. Yeah.  

Talk of adults makes me think, though. I never thought they had brains or feelings or the need to go to the bathroom. But I do. Technically, I am one of those. But, dear reader, I do not in any way feel like one.   

I love the freedom to do anything, any time it pleases me. It is like potential energy, though. The bow is drawn, the arrow pointed. I just don't know where to shoot. I have looked into the future and I am famous there. I have many best-selling novels there. People love me there. I am a writer.  

But I also wonder what will be next. What should I prepare for now so that when that one dream is real, all the others can be as well? Is it inconceivable that I might tire ever so slightly of that future life?  

I want to be like Leonardo Da Vinci. I want to be great. Writing is magnificent because as any character, in any world, I can be.  

Just, how do I make it real?  
Youth really is wasted on the young.  


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