Friday, April 22, 2016

Quickening Fairy

I love the long-winded eloquence of books sometimes, fiction or not. It’s like I can organize my own musings in some kind of sensible string.

The key word in those last two sentences is “sometimes”. There comes a time when you need an obvious proverb. An Aesop’s fable. Even a parable from Jesus! Just something quick and short and on-the-nose like that. The world needs more of that, don’t you think?

Why, for example, can’t there be a short explanation for the meaning of life that sums up good and satisfies (like a Snickers bar)? The long explanations go ‘round and ‘round, examining all the angles, but I’m not sure they settle anywhere. I don’t even know what I read in some of those situations.

Perhaps one day.


What do you think is the balancing point between artful weaving and getting to the point?

Also, what should I do with my life next semester? I’ve put off registering for classes too long for my own happiness. They need to be diverse enough to help me be a well-rounded writer, but related enough for me to actually finish school one day.

That, my reader, is a point I wish I could reach already, instead of the back-and-forth of decisions and consequences.

Anyone want to wave a wand and make my mind up for me? That would be great.  


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