Friday, February 19, 2016

Refraction Update

Have you ever looked at yourself (or anything) in the water?

You were not quite the same as how you see yourself in a photo or a mirror, were you? In the mirror, your image didn't bend and wave and change nearly as much is it could in the water.

"Refraction" has me thinking about the way I see things, especially in the story. When I look up the word, the scientific definitions boil down to one thing: change. There is change in the way something looks because of the change in what it passes through, even though its essence is still the same.

That is "Refraction" at the moment. James, my protagonist, is forming...but also changing. He has a semblance of his original self, but the tiniest event in my day alters his shape. And that is good. Because a mirrored view is really very one-dimensional to me. But a watery image, though refracted, is deeply true to life.

That is what I am hoping for as I write this story.


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