Friday, February 12, 2016


Once upon a time, I had a long week. It was this week. Tuesday was a celebration of the ordinary and was the best day of my week. But it feels like a whole week ago, rather than just three days ago. I could just tell you that I woke up, ate my bowl of cereal, brushed my teeth while thinking about writing “Refraction”, forgot about my first class, arrived late for last two, did the first of several workouts that a friend and I have planned, then collapsed in exhaustion before 9pm. And I realize I did just tell you all of that. Ordinary, right.

But I have heard it said that the extraordinary can’t happen without ordinary and that you have to find that “extra” in the ordinary. That is what I am trying to do for “Refraction” right now. The way I look at it, it doesn’t hurt to find the “extra” in my Tuesday either. It is probably harder to see it in a made up story if I am not able to see it in my own real one, right?  

So, Tuesday. Hmm. Well, that workout? I felt muscles and fibers of my body that I don’t think I have ever been aware of. I still feel them. It is as if when I close my eyes, I can see joints and ligaments bend and twist and flex so that I can move and accomplish almost any physical task I please. It looks like white hot pain right now, but it makes me think of what an amazing machine the human body is. Whether you think a god did it, or primates and time, it is quite...extraordinary.

Now, “Refraction”.  


P.S. Oh, you thought I would tell you the extraordinary in “Refraction”? Not yet, my reader. You will experience it when the story is complete.

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