Saturday, November 11, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

So I had made a decision to be done with medications, right? But since then, I’ve been thinking that maybe I was wrong. I may have been too quick to judge. Well, that’s what I mentioned to Danika, but I wasn’t expecting her to be so opinionated about my own personal decision.

She began to lecture me on all the possible outcomes of going back on the medication, as if I didn’t already know! I’m starting to think that maybe this isn’t something medication can fix?

I miss home. I miss my parents.
I miss who I was and who I was to become.

My future was predestined. An author was who I was to be. I feel as if I now have to struggle just to be a student or daughter.

Life was never supposed to be this difficult. I want to go home for Thanksgiving, but this time I just can’t.

I miss the way my life used to be.


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