Saturday, October 28, 2017

Girls Day Out

I have to give Danika credit; she continues to try and cheer me up! She still reaches out to me as a good friend would do and asks me out for lunch.

She promises to keep things light in conversation. We are just going to hang out like we used to do.

We go out and get our nails done after lunch. That thought had never occured to me. I don’t even polish my nails! I wear little to no makeup. Mascara is applied if I feel like “dressing up.”

Ever since I had the reflection of James in my mirror, oh so long ago, I’ve thought about him every time I go to put on mascara. I have to think twice about it. Sometimes I wish I’d see him again.

Just so you know, getting your nails done hurts! But the pain was worth it - they look beautiful. I am grateful I have a friend like her who still sees some good in me!


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