Saturday, June 24, 2017


I am still exhausted after returning from Brooklyn. One week at home, and then I will have to get back to work.

I am home with my mom and dad, and from the looks of Dad, he needs my help. She looks frail and her hair has begun to thin out. The alternative medicine wasn’t working, so she decided to go the traditional route. I truly wish she hadn’t. Seeing her like this now, I wish I had come sooner!

For the first couple of days, I take over for Dad and all his labor of love for her. I tell my mom all about our trip to NY. How we met Jenny while eating our lunch at that restaurant. How amazing it was to help others. The beautiful places and art work I was able to see while we were there.

I could tell she tried to put on that brave Mom face, but I knew better.

She isn’t well and neither am I…


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