Saturday, May 20, 2017


So I got my summer job back in the library.

I needed this to keep my mind occupied. I am still worrying about my mom and my dad; he stays busy at work, then takes care of my mom when he comes home for lunch. He is helping keep an eye on my grandpa now too.

It used to be my mom who would make sure he had good meals, see if he needed anything from the store, make doctor's appts for him. And other odds and ends errands.

So as I head into my junior year, I think back to when I was a freshman (has it already been two years ago?) and see how much my life has changed since then.

I get to help the librarians put the books away, and as I do I remember my dream from this morning.

I am getting better at remembering my dreams, although at times I do struggle, especially if I am startled awake by the alarm.

*Note to self… So library shelves awaken my mind.


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